Eyelash Extension Pro Artist Glue kit---with strong Glue

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Eyelash Extension Pro Artist Glue Kit----- 3 STEP SYSTEM

Eyelash Extension Pro Artist Glue Kit  -  3 STEP SYSTEM is designed to meet the ultimate challenge for FAST eyelash extension application. Developed to the highest standards in quality, Our Super+ Glue is formulated as fast setting time, flexible and long-lasting adhesive. When combined with our Protein Remover/Cleanser and Primer,  this offers remarkable benefits without compromising comfort or lash longevity. However, this is ONLY FOR TRAINED PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

Recommended humidity: 55%
Acceptable humidity range: 40% - 70%
Recommended room temperature:25°C - 28°C

Product Specifications:
    Size:Protein remover 15g; Primer15g; Super+ Glue 10g
    Viscosity: medium 
    Glue setting Time : 1-2s seconds
    Bonding Time: 6-7 weeks
    Fumes & Irritation: acceptable
    Shelf Life 6 months, once opened use within 2 weeks
    Made in the Korea by ISO 9001 certified Chemical Laboratory

Clean extensions with protein remover/lash cleanser, leave to dry. Clean client’s natural eyelashes with Protein Remover by using two applicators and waiting for dry. Apply eyepatch to client’s under eye area to protect lower eyelid and skin. Make sure the client’s eye has been properly closed with no gap. Put primer on client’s natural lashes, and leave until dry. 
Shake glue well 60 times before use.
Pour one drop of adhesive in a clean container or glue ring(ideally jade stone + cover sticker). Separate client’s natural lashes to isolate 1 single natural eyelash. Push a single extended lash into the glue and draw the lash out slowly sideways, leaving a thin, even coating of glue on the extension lashes. Gently stroke the extended lash onto the client’s natural lash, transferring some glue. Place and correct the extended lash to ideal position 1-2mm away from the natural lash root. Repeat with a minimum 5 sec gap until the desired volume has been achieved. Glue may seems already cured, when in fact it is only the surface; it takes at least 6 hours for fast glue to be completely cured and 24 hours for sensitive glue to be completely cured. Allow the primer to completely dry before starting the application, otherwise the glue may cure too fast and cause excessive heat (irritation), leave a white residue on the surface, or the bonding may become too brittle and easy to crack.

Patch Test:

A Patch test is necessary at least 24 hours prior to application. Even this glue is suitable for sensitive eyes there are still 1-2% of people will react to it. The first 24 hours after application is crucial. Clients must avoid using any oil based product in order to maintain optimum appearance and to extend the life of the lashes.

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