Clear Acrylic Lash Tile Pallet Organizer w/ Cover


This ergonomic lash stand is cleverly designed to increase your speed and make lashing easier. The arched plate separates the lashes enabling you to quickly and easily pick up lash extensions. Perfect for volume lashes when you need the lashes to fan out for easy grasping. Comes with a cover so leftover lashes doesn't get dusty and dirty.

Measurements: 4" Long x 1" Diameter x 2" Wide
Attractive compact design
Able to place 9 sizes for easy lash selection
Increases speed & effectiveness
Curved plate separates lashes making it easier to pick up for both classic and volume eyelash extensions
Curved plate is perfect for leaning how to fan lashes for volume lashing
Reduces hand strain
*Lashes in pictures are not included*
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