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Lash holder - Classic and Volume Lash Bubbles
Revolutionising lashing and making every lash techs life that bit easier.
The large bubble more suited for classic lashing, fans out lashes making pick up easier, and ensuring you have the lashes you need close up on the back of your hand, so the pick up, dip and place is all in one area close to the eyes in the safest possible way. 
Coupled with the Volume lash bubble, with a more rounded smaller surface fans out the volume lashes helping you to create the perfect evenly spaced fan, again keeping the create, pick, dip and place all in one area once you have isolated your lash there is no need to move to another area to do this.
The lashes will be easily accessible and visible at all times.
Both of the bubbles have Velcro patch allowing you to position the bubbles on the wrist support or hand strap in the most comfortable place for you whether using one at a time or both. 
Use them together or individually with the wrist wrap, or hand strap for easy adjustment.
Separate for simplified storage. 

Secure Belt (Hand Strap)
A slim line Velcro strap, which is a great alternative to the wrist wrap!
The Velcro makes it so easy to adjust the  hand wrap to a size that suits you, so that you can attach your lash bubbles and lash to your hearts content.
You can place the bubbles in any position on the hand strap, whether you are using one or both. 

True Artist Wrist Wrap (Wrist Support)
A wide Velcro strap that slips over your thumb, over your hand and around your wrist to ensure you are supported while lashing. 
The Velcro surface allows you to attach one of both lash bubbles, in any position best suited to you, so you can work with comfort and ease. 
There is a small strap on the wrist area, so that you can tuck your tweezers safely away while swapping styles, shaking up glue, or attaching strips to the bubbles. 
Safety is a must not only for your clients, but for you as a lash tech too.
When isolating, your wrist can seize up and be painful after a long day, the support will give you that extra bit of helps and ultimately reduce pain when lashing for any prolonged length of time.
To have this along side the bubbles making your lashes accessible at all times is a great combination for any lash tech. 
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