NEW Camellia Volume 0.05mm Thickness /C Curl Eyelash Extensions /3 Lengths Mixed in 1 Row


Item: New Volume Lash Extensions
Material: PBT ( environment-friendly) 

Thickness: 0.05
Curl: C 

Length: 7-9-11mm / 8-9-10mm / 9-10-11mm / 9-11-13mm / 10-12-14mm/8-10-12mm / 11-12-13mm/

Features of NEW VOLUME eyelash extensions:

1. Individual Lash extensions
2. There are 3 lengths mixed in one row (such as 8-10-12mm)
3. Artists pick up 3 or more lashes one time to make it fanned
4. The lashes in one cluster are in different height, this is very natural look.

•  12 rows in 1 tray.

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