100% Real Mink Individual Eyebrow Extensions J Curl 12row/tray


12 strips in each box

100% Handmade Synthetic mink hair

Color: Black

Our eyebrow extension gives you great control over the appearance of the eyebrows – to create volume, fill gaps or extend the brow line. This eyebrow hairs are similar to eyelash extensions with various thicknesses, curl and length, which allow you to create the best eyebrows, based on the client's facial features. Eyebrow extensions are applied directly on skin or on natural hair by medical grade Brow Building adhesive. The product contains no harmful chemicals and is gentle to the skin. The application gives a texture and realistic look to brows that cannot be achieved by traditional pencils and powders.Eyebrow extensions can be worn while swimming or showering, infills every 2 weeks depending on individual’s rate of hair growth. 

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